RED FLAG WATCH from 11 pm Sunday through 5 pm Tuesday. Gusty offshore winds & drying conditions. Walk around your house to ensure it still complies with defensible space standards. Pack your go bag. Go to for more tips.
Oakland Firesafe Council

The Oakland Firesafe Council is a grassroots community-based organization dedicated to mobilizing the people of Oakland and Alameda County to reduce the risks of wildfire danger to people and property through outreach, programs, and projects

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The Oakland Firesafe Council promotes state-of-the-art approaches to wildfire prevention and advocates for more resources to assist with vegetation management, evacuation, restoration and other wildfire prevention related issues at the local, regional and state level


Helping local residents and neighborhoods better prepare for wildfire and emergencies is a key focus of our Oakland Community Preparedness & Response(OCP&R) program.


WILDFIRE FORECAST AND THREAT Intelligence Integration Center serves as California’s integrated central organizing hub for wildfire forecasting, weather information, threat intelligence gathering, analysis and dissemination.


Why Your Support Matters, by Ken Benson, President of Oakland Firesafe Council

Dear Neighbors, The Oakland Firesafe Council (OFSC) was formed in 2014 to advocate on behalf of and to motivate the residents who live in the high fire risk zones of Oakland/East Bay to take steps to prepare for and reduce […]

Oakland’s SECOND Firewise USA® Recognized Site Is CABS

C.A.B.S. is a Montclair Organized Neighborhood defined by four streets: Colton, Asilomar, Balboa and Snake and has approximately 87 homes.  We organized ourselves over 15 years ago to serve as a first line of defense in the event of an […]

Oaklandside’s Updated “Oakland Wildfire Guide”

Oakland Firesafe Council, along with its Oakland Community Preparedness and Response program, is pleased to be included as a resource in this very thorough “Oakland Wildfire Guide” by The Oaklandside.

On Becoming Oakland’s FIRST Firewise USA® Site

We became aware of Firewise USA® through our fire prevention work as volunteers with the Friends of Joaquin Miller Park, and discussions with our committed fire professionals in the area like Sue Piper, Captain Chase Beckman and Doug Mosher helped […]

2022 Ushers in New Era for OFSC

When Ken Benson and the late Dinah Benson and I created the Oakland Firesafe Council (OFSC) in 2014, our goal was to provide local residents with timely, accurate and practical tips and tools to help make them more firesafe. In seven years, […]

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February OFSC Meeting

• Wednesday• 7:00-8:30pm • Contact for Zoom information • Join us for our monthly meeting. OFSC board members are in attendance along with invited guests which can include representatives from the City of Oakland EMSD, OFD, CAL Fire, et al.  Community […]