Cal New Student Service Day Garber Park 2

Volunteers regularly work to reduce the fuel load in Oakland parks and open spaces.

The Oakland Firesafe Council is a grassroots community-based organization dedicated to mobilizing the people of Oakland to reduce the risks of wildfire danger to people and property through outreach, programs, and projects.
We are residents of the Oakland Hills, survivors of the 1991 Tunnel Fire, open space/park stewards and others working to reduce the risks of wildfire in the Oakland hills. The Oakland Firesafe Council is an affiliate of the Diablo Firesafe Council, serving Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

President: Sue Piper

Vice President: Barbara Goldenberg

Secretary: Ken Benson

Treasurer: Mike Kilian

Board Members

  • Lin Barron
  • Ken Benson
  • Barbara Goldenberg
  • Michael Kilian
  • Martin Matarrese
  • Robert Meyers
  • Sue Piper
  • Dee Rosario
  • Bob Sieben
  • Nick Vigilante
  • Allene Warren

OCP&R Program Manager

  • Doug Mosher