Oakland Firesafe Council

With Oakland’s Wildfire Prevention District set to sunset once all of its funds are expended—anticipated by the end of June 2017—those of us involved in wildfire prevention advocacy felt the need to establish a mechanism for continued and expanding outreach about reducing the risk of wildfires in the Oakland hills.

New displays at GatewayNew Educational Displays installed at New Fire Resistant Demonstration Garden@Gateway Emergency Preparedness Exhibit Center

Over the past year, the Oakland Firesafe Council, the Oakland Landscape Committee, the North Hills Community Association and the Wildfire Prevention Assessment District (WPAD)  collaborated to install more than 3000 succulents and other drought-tolerant, fire resistant plants in a demonstration garden to showcase appropriate plants, mulch and space in accordance with the City of Oakland’s defensible space requirements. We’ve just installed new educational panels as well. Please stop by to take a look. For details about the garden

Emergency Vehicle Access Project Oakland Hills Underway

The Oakland Firesafe Council is quoted in this East Bay Times article about the City of Oakland’s efforts to improve emergency vehicle access on narrow streets in the Oakland Hills. If you live on a narrow street, please park in your garage or driveway. If you or your visitors must park on the narrow street, leave at least 14 feet between the car and the other side of the street so that emergency vehicles can get through. Read more …

broom-redwood-parkNow is the time to pull broom!!

While the soil is still soft, pulling flammable broom is much more effective than cutting it (it only sprouts multiple branches). If you’d like to learn how, please join us at one of the many upcoming broom pulling projects in the area:

  • Have a large area that impacts several neighbors? Consider applying for matching grants from the Wildfire Prevention Assessment District (grants) and/or Diablo Firesafe Council (vegetation removal grants).

The Diablo Firesafe Council offers cost-share assistance of up to $5,000 per project to groups of neighbors to hire a contractor. Emphasis will be on areas prioritized in the Alameda County and Contra Costa County Community Wildfire Protection Plans or where homeowners associations, civic organizations and other groups are organized and available to promote fire safe efforts. Projects can include:

  • Chipping or green DFSCwaste removal of homeowner cut material,
  • Mowing or “weed whacking” as part of a larger project
  • Tree thinning (cutting of small trees) or “limbing-up”
  • Brush cutting
  • Grazing

Immediate funding available for chipping or removal of homeowner cut material. Projects must be completed by August 2015. See Diablo Fire Safe Council web site http://www.diablofiresafe.org for more information on selection criteria and an application. Or contact Cheryl Miller Executive Coordinator DFSC email: DFSCMiller@comcast.net Phone: (510) 536-0143.


Facts about the City’s FEMA Grant

There is much misinformation being spread about what the City plans to do with FEMA grant funding for vegetation management in the Oakland Hills. Here are the facts…. 

 As per the recommendation of the WPAD Advisory Committee, the City is moving forward to develop a vegetation management plan with accompanying CEQA (environmental review) for the Oakland Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) (same boundaries as the WPAD). A contractor is being selected and work will hopefully begin in the next few months.

Check out our blog on Q & A for creating drought tolerant/firesafe gardens here.

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Tips and resources to reduce water consumption and improve your defensible space

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Annual Inspection Notice BACK March 2015 MGT.pub

2016 WPAD Annual Inspection Notice now available

Private property inspections begin in Mid-May, but with four years of drought and extremely dry conditions in the Oakland hills, now is the time to limb your trees and reduce the fuel load surrounding your property, according to the guidelines explained in the flyer. If you haven’t yet received your notice in the mail, you can download a copy at www.oaklandnet.com/wildfireprevention.