RED FLAG WARNING for Alameda County from 10-28-2023 at 05:00 AM until 10-29-2023 at 05:00 PM. Gusty offshore winds & dry conditions.
Oakland Firesafe Council

Remembering the 1991 Oakland-Berkeley Firestorm

Brian Krans, reporter for Oaklandside/Berkeleyside, has produced a 30-minute podcast that accurately and succinctly reveals how the 1991 Oakland-Berkeley Firestorm forever changed how the East Bay — and the state of California– looks a wildfires.

JuanCarlos Guerrero and Brandon Behle put together a 35 minute documentary for Channel 7 called “Firestorm” that truly gives you a front row seat on what it was like to survive the 1991 Firestorm.

The North Hills Community Association has produced a robust series of webpages containing art, artifacts, video interviews and much more showcasing remembrances and lessons learned.

On Thursday, October 21, 2021, the Oakland Public Library hosts a panel discussion on Lessons Learned with former City Manager Henry Gardner, former District 1 City Council Member Marge Gibson Haskel, former acting Oakland Fire Chief and on the ground fire fighter in 1991 Mark Hoffmann, and 1991 Fire Survivor and Chair of the Oakland Firesafe Council Sue Piper. It’s at 6 pm. Register at this link.