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Oakland Firesafe Council

Oakland’s New Wildfire Smoke Sensors

The Oakland Fire Department (OFD) is participating in a pilot study testing the use of remote smoke sensors for early detection of wildfire. This is a partnership with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science & Technology Directorate (DHS S&T), and technology company N5 Sensors. There is no cost to the City of Oakland during the pilot project. 

Ten (10) combination combustion gases, particulate, and infrared sensors were installed throughout the Wildland-Urban Interface areas of Oakland. The sensors will continuously sample air quality (no audio or visual sensors) and transmit electronically back to the vendor, who maintains a web-based dashboard showing the status of all the sensors in real time. The vendor will email or text OFD whenever the sensors are alerting for a fire. This project is testing these sensors and associated alert algorithm work to see if this technology can be used in an urban interface setting. 

When their system is alerting for a fire, OFD will receive a notification through text, email and on the dashboard projected on a monitor in the Oakland Fire Communications Center. During normal dispatch levels, OFD will dispatch an engine to investigate. During Red Flag Days, or when more than one sensor is alerting, OFD will dispatch a full alarm assignment. OFD will reassess if this dispatch procedure is working monthly and modify as needed.   

Additionally, OFD will compare N5’s alerting data monthly. Any wildland fires that OFD responds to that did not trigger an alert on the vendors system will be transmitted to them. Please direct any questions or concerns to Michael Hunt ( and Captain Kupers (

Michael Hunt
Chief of Staff
Oakland Fire Department
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