RED FLAG WARNING for Alameda County from 10-28-2023 at 05:00 AM until 10-29-2023 at 05:00 PM. Gusty offshore winds & dry conditions.
Oakland Firesafe Council

News and Notes

The Devastating Maui Wildfires Could Happen Here in Oakland

The tragic early August wildfires on west Maui, in particular the blaze that consumed much of Lahaina, should be a stark reminder to Oakland and the East Bay that a similar scenario could occur here. Maui has been in a […]

OFSC Needs Your Help Now More Than Ever

Thankfully we have experienced a relatively mild wildfire season so far this year but our driest months are still to come. With that in mind, Oakland Firesafe Council is here to help you be SAFE, be PREPARED, and be READY! […]

Report: July 4th Wildfire Patrols, Oakland 2023

On Tuesday, July 4th, 2023 the Oakland Radio Communication Association (ORCA – Amateur/Ham 2-way radio) performed its annual mobile wildfire patrols in the Oakland Hills and foothills. These took place from 5pm – 9pm and involved a total of 13 […]

These communities organized to be better prepared… you can, too!

Do you want to work with your neighbors to be better prepared and have emergency supplies for all to access during and after an emergency? Here are excellent first-hand accounts of how two local East Bay groups have done this: […]

Update on Efforts to Increase Coordination of Wildfire Prevention Activities in the East Bay Hills

Over the past year a Working Group composed of elected officials and fire professionals have convened to draft and refine a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to increase coordination of Wildfire Prevention Activities in the East Bay Hills. The MOU, drafted […]