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Oakland Firesafe Council

Tree of Hope Lighting Ceremony

5-6:30 pm
4949 Grizzly Peak Blvd.

30-year Annversary Of the Oakland-Berkeley Fire.

Russ and Annette Aubry have been lighting the “Tree of Hope” for 29 years to remember family and friends that perished in the fire. It is a reminder that “we will not forget” all the lives that have been lost in California fires.

We anticipate 6 or 8 civic leaders and 5 or 10 press and or TV personnel to record the event.

We are asking you to respond early so we can prepare for the number of folks who may attend. So, as you read this, please reply now directly to that you are a yes, no or maybe with XX will attend. 

As neighbors, you are asked to:

1) Bring a large tray of finger food for the event: chicken wings, stuffed hard boiled eggs, cheese plate, carnaval sandwiches and your favorite.

2)Please also bring one bottle of wine to share