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Oakland Firesafe Council

Connecting with Neighbors during Stay at Home Orders

The Oakland Firesafe Council’s (OFSC) focus has always been on before, during and after a disaster. While our primary interest is wildfire prevention, many of the same principals apply to local efforts to cope with the Covid 19 pandemic.
One of the key lessons we hear and read about all over the world is how neighbors are reaching out to each other to provide support—from making grocery runs, to weekly gatherings online or from across the street.  We encourage you to connect with your neighbors to provide support and to find new ways to turn staying at home away from total isolation.  OFSC’s Oakland Community Preparedness and Response (OCP&R) program offers some tips and tools that might be useful.  We encourage you to comment on this post with your creative ideas for connecting with family, neighbors, friends, school friends, co-workers during this universal experience.
We’ve put together the following list of reliable resources to help you adapt to the short and long term impacts of isolating at home for an unknown period of time.
State, Federal, and Global Coronavirus Disease Pages

General Information

Guidance and Resources for Families, Businesses, Schools etc.