May 4, 2019 Fire Safety Forum in honor of National Wildfire Prevention Day

More than 100 local residents attended the May 4 Fire Safety Forum co-sponsored with Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Association and the Montclair Neighborhood Council.  You can download each of the outstanding presentations here:

The New Mega Fires–Edgar Orre, Division Chief CalFire/Santa Clara Unit
Reducing Ember Risk-Home Hardening–Staff Chief David Shew, Retired, CalFire/Office of the State Fire Marshal
Defensible Space–Carol Rice, Wildland Fire Manager/Fire Ecologist
Making Sure Insurance Will Cover You–Sue Piper, Chair,United Policyholders
Preparedness Hacking–The Speed Round!–Ana-Marie Jones, aka MsDuctTape, Former ED of CARD

Organize for Firewise, Score with CORE— Doug Mosher, Oakland Firesafe Council
Organizing Work Parties– Diedre Martin, Environmental Stewardship Analyst, City of Oakland, Public Works Department
Creative Ways to Fund Your Work-Barbara Goldenberg, Vice Chair, Diablo Fire Safe Council
Organizing for Evacuation-Sue Piper, Chair, Oakland Firesafe Council

Following the workshop, OFSC led a Walkabout along Grisborne Avenue to who first hand how residents can reduce fuel loads around their homes and harden their structures to keep flying embers from starting fires.