Oakland Community Preparedness and Response (OCPR) Program

CalFire awarded the Oakland Firesafe Council a $125,000 two-year grant to provide awareness and educational workshops, materials and on-going support to help increase the overall community preparedness level and to improve disaster response capabilities. In June, 2019, the City of Oakland added another $125,000 out of its 2019-2021 Budget so that we could stretch the program to cover more of the foothills of Oakland, in addition to Oakland’s Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) in the hills. OFSC  received an additional $15,000 from the California Fire Foundation on August 28, 2019 to support OCPR.T his program is intended to lead to fewer injuries and deaths and less significant financial loss for individuals and for the City in the event of a major disaster such as a wildfire or earthquake.

Led by a team of local residents and subject matter experts, OCPR will engage with the community, organized neighborhoods and organizations including Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils (NCPCs) and Neighborhood Associations. The team will also work with local merchants and other stakeholders, and in conjunction with organizations such as CORE/OES/ OFD, NFPA’s Firewise USA®, the Red Cross and other Bay Area disaster response agencies.

The OCPR program will start in September, 2019. The initial target area included the entire Oakland Hills, and the matching City funds will enable this program to extend into the foothill areas of Oakland that would be most likely to be impacted by a wildfire or Hayward Fault earthquake.

OCPR Program Deliverables

The OCPR program will include the following measurable activities and deliverables, with the goal to substantially improve preparedness and response capabilities for a major disaster:

  • Increase the number and effectiveness of organized neighborhoods in conjunction with NCPCs and Neighborhood Associations—organized neighborhoods are a key program component
  • Promote and implement NFPA Firewise USA® sites within organized neighborhoods
  • Increase the number of residents that are fully CORE/CERT and Neighborhood Watch trained and that participate in CORE’s annual Citywide Emergency Exercise
  • Evaluate and communicate evacuation procedures, including public notifications and potential evacuation routes, and coordinate evacuation protocols with schools, merchant areas, etc.
  • Increase the number of temporary emergency shelters in the area that include food, water, emergency and first-aid supplies, generators, etc, in conjunction with CORE and the Red Cross
  • Increase the number of inter- and intra-neighborhood emergency radio communication networks based on the latest technology and best practices as recommended by CORE and ORCA/RACES
  • Assist merchant districts, public and private businesses and educational institutions to update or develop their own emergency response plans and to provide workshops for their constituents

All these activities will be coordinated with relevant subject matter experts and organizations. Existing workshop content and multi-media collateral materials will be repurposed as much as possible.

Finally, the program will address how to sustain and advance these activities over time. Consistent messaging and a continuous effort to engage with constituents and partners are required to maintain and improve readiness and response in the Oakland Hills areas. This must be an on-going effort.

OCPR Program Timeline

The high-level task timeline for the OCPR program is as follows:

  • 9/15/19 – 10/31/19: Define team, partners and constituents and meet with key stakeholder groups
  • 11/1/19 – 12/31/19: Develop workshops, multi-media collateral and a workshop delivery plan
  • 1/1/20 – 9/15/21: Work directly with NCPCs, Neighborhood Associations, agency partners and other entities to implement program actions and goals by delivering regular educational workshops, increasing awareness, providing support, measuring effectiveness of deliverables and developing a sustainability plan for the Oakland Hills and foothill areas

To learn more about OCPR, contact Doug Mosher, Program Manager at dtmosher@gmail.com or call 415.297.7457.