Recent Articles of Interest 

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Firestorm 25:

San Francisco Chronicle, October 20, 2016  25 years later: Oakland Hills Ripe for Another Firestorm

East Bay Times, October 19, 2016  Oakland hills My Word: Preventing repeat of 1991 fire begins with you

East Bay Times, October 19, 2016  Oakland hills Fire 25 Years Later

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East Bay Times, June 11, 2016 Diverse native landscapes are best bet for fire safety in the East Bay Hills (East Bay Times guest commentary)

East Bay Times,  April 13, 2016  Emergency Vehicle Access Project Underway in the Oakland Hills, by Mimi Rohr, East Bay Times

What Megablazes Tell Us About the Fiery Future of Climate Change,  10-15-15 Rolling Stone

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Oakland Tribune 8-7-15  Daniel Borenstein: Action needed in the East Bay hills before the next fire

Wildland Fire Primer  July 2015 Describes the likely causes and impacts that could occur from Wildland Fire.

Oakland Tribune 7-3-15   Barnidge: California drought portends possible ‘catastrophic’ fire year

Oakland Tribune 3-18-15   Conservation group sues FEMA over Bay Hills eucalyptus fire hazard abatement program, by Tom Lochner, Oakland Tribune

Oakland Tribune 3-11-15  Oakland-Berkeley hills fire hazard reduction moves one step closer to funding, by Tom Lochner, Oakland Tribune

Oakland Tribune 10-19-14    Putting fire safety first, by Doug Oakley, Oakland Tribune, Sunday, October 19, 2014