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Preserving "food" plants during the drought

From Nancy Lane, North Hills
I am trying to preserve my “food plants”, which are mostly kitchen herbs growing in containers on my driveway and other locations.  While I will water with both 2nd-use sources and hose water, I have put in sweat equity to good effect and wanted to share the results in case you had not considered this option yet.
I have removed every plant, trimmed down root systems where needed, and repotted with a little additional soil and a generous helping of Soil Moist, that gel stuff that retains water.  I wish I had seen this Instructable first, as I would have added more granules and saved a bunch of cash:
​I can report that I need to water only about every 2 weeks now, vs.
several times per week when it’s hot and sunny.  Those water-retaining gel granules are great. I’ll probably insert more and be able to water even less often.
So don’t despair about keeping some food, bee or butterfly plants alive
this summer. Hie thee to the drugstore, buy a box of adult diapers, and
start supplementing your soil with water retaining help!

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